Interesting mukbang! Giant Panda Enjoys Meal Unfazed by Wind and Rain

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-12-13 15:22:22

Recently, staff members at the Dayi Conservation Station of the Chengdu Section of the Giant Panda National Park discovered images of a wild giant panda "eating broadcast" while sorting through infrared camera materials. In the images, a cute and leisurely giant panda can be seen sitting in a bamboo grove, enjoying the taste of bamboo leaves. Since its location was right in the area where the infrared camera was shooting, the entire 20-minute process of it eating bamboo leaves in the rain was recorded. In the video, the sound of rain, chewing, and even the sound of the giant panda touching the bamboo leaves can be heard.

A wild giant panda eating bamboo in the rain [Photo via the Chengdu Management Bureau of the Giant Panda National Park]

It is reported that compared to the hot summer, giant pandas prefer the cool autumn and winter, because of their habits of "preferring cold to heat". Their fur may look smooth and soft, but it is actually thick and stiff. The surface of the fur is rich in oil, which helps keep the fur dry, and the inside is filled with a thick layer of medulla, providing excellent insulation. Therefore, giant pandas are not afraid of cold or humidity; on the contrary, they enjoy rainy days, as it makes them feel cool and comfortable.