Bratsk, Russia and Zibo, China in Closer Interaction

|ChinaNews|Published:2024-05-17 17:00:29

Bratsk, Russia and Zibo, China in Closer Interaction

Recently, a delegation from Bratsk of Russia, the sister city of Zibo of China, visited Zichuan District in Zibo City to conduct cooperation and exchange activities. During the visit, the delegation came to Radar Auto Factory in Zibo and Zibo Shuangfeng Ceramic Co., Ltd.

The purpose of this visit is to strengthen government interactions, enhance business cooperation, deepen people-to-people friendships, promote exchanges in trade, tourism, culture, agriculture as well as to achieve more collaborative outcomes benefiting the two peoples.

Bratsk, Russia and Zibo, China in Closer Interaction

The delegation emphasized that the production of ceramics is not solely for the purpose of making pottery, but to connect with each other through creativity. They stated, "Creation is to build a bond for communication among people. Through this activity, we have once again established a connection with the craftsmen of Zibo.”

In recent years, through extensive exchange visits, the two cities of Bratsk and Zibo have engaged in discussions and cooperation on various fields such as trade, culture, technology, and education, which have further solidified and deepened their friendly relations.


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