Exploring the Century-old Pichai Courtyard: Foreign Journalists Embraced Lively Street Ambiance

|ChinaNews|Published:2024-05-27 16:01:18

On May 27, "Hi, Shandong - Opportunities in China·Vibrant Qingdao" Foreign Media's Visit to Qingdao officially started at the Pichai Courtyard on Zhongshan Road, Qingdao. This interview trip was jointly organized by the Information Office of Qingdao Municipal People's Government and CRI Online Shandong. Foreign journalists from Cambodia, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Syria and other countries, experienced the new vitality of the century-old commercial street after its recent upgrade and transformation, immersing themselves in the charming and vibrant life of old Qingdao.

Foreign journalists visit Pichai Courtyard. [Photo by Wang Yanqing]

Pichai Courtyard is a nostalgic corner of old Qingdao, a bustling commercial district with a history of 121 years. Over the long years, it has been a place crowded with shops, gathering various businesses such as local snacks, fruit stalls, and fish markets, as well as artistic performances like magic shows, Ping opera, crosstalk, Shandong clapper ballad, and Xihedagu (a local folk drumming tradition).

In recent years, as part of the efforts to protect and renovate the historic cities, Pichai Courtyard has undergone upgrades and now presents to visitors with a brand new look. Today, it has become a popular tourist and leisure destination for tourists.

The courtyard attracts lots of visitors. Drawn by dazzling specialty foods and the extraordinary local atmosphere, foreign journalists lingered to taste and capture every moment. The unique experience left them such a deep impression that they nearly lost track of time and didn't want to leave.

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