“Hi, Shandong - Opportunities in China·Vibrant Qingdao” Foreign Media’s Visit to Qingdao Ended Successfully

|ChinaNews|Published:2024-05-29 14:26:46

"It's a fascinating city where traditional and modern elements coexist harmoniously.”

"Qingdao is a beautiful city where the residents here have great sense of happiness. I’m really moved by the vitality shown by Qingdao's scientific and technological development."

On May 29, the three-day "Hi, Shandong - Opportunities in China·Vibrant Qingdao" Foreign Media's Visit to Qingdao came to an end. Foreign journalists from Cambodia, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Syria and other countries talked about their feelings about this trip and their reluctance to leave.

During the journey, foreign journalists conducted focused interviews around the continuous urban renewal efforts, the creation of a beautiful, livable, and business-friendly Qingdao, and the development of new quality productive forces. This activity aims to tell the "Qingdao story" in the context of China's high-level opening up to the outside world, and fully demonstrate the vitality and leadership role of Qingdao.