State Grid Sanmenxia Power Supply Company Makes Every Effort to Ensure Healthy, Safe, and Orderly Night Market Economy

|ChinaNews|Published:2024-06-28 10:41:09

In the scorching summer heat, the vibrant atmosphere of the city's night markets is flourishing. Alongside this bustling activity, the electrical load demand from night market vendors is steadily increasing.

On June 25, State Grid Sanmenxia Power Supply Company took proactive measures to ensure the healthy, safe and orderly development of the night market economy in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province. The Company arranged for staff to carry out alternating construction near Zhaogong Road, where night market vendors are densely concentrated.

State Grid Sanmenxia Power Supply Company Makes Every Effort to Ensure the Healthy, Safe, and Orderly Development of Night Market Economy_fororder_图片4

Staff of State Grid Sanmenxia Power Supply Company conduct patrols and temperature measurements on the 10 kV distribution equipment in the urban area [Photo by Jin Yiwei]

In recent days, State Grid Sanmenxia Power Supply Company has been intensifying its efforts to ensure reliable power supply. By accelerating the upgrading and renovation of old and weak equipment, and conducting patrols and temperature measurements on heavily loaded substation equipment, the Company is further solidifying its power supply responsibilities. Utilizing live detection methods such as infrared thermography and partial discharge monitoring, the Company is keeping a close watch on critical equipment to guarantee stable and reliable power supply. Besides, the Company is also strictly adhering to operational and maintenance requirements for distribution network equipment. Moreover, the frequency of patrols and inspections has been increased and any detected defects or hidden dangers are promptly addressed. In addition, technical measures are employed to enhance the efficiency of hidden hazard investigation and rectification in the distribution network.

In the next phase, the State Grid Sanmenxia Power Supply Company will follow the 2024 summer peak electricity supply requirements. The Company will conduct safety patrols based on data trends and arrange for staff to visit vendors, offering guidance on electricity usage and promoting safety precautions. Leveraging the "smart + manual" quality inspection system of the grid service hotline, they aim to efficiently and systematically address customer electricity-related concerns. The Company will strictly implement job responsibilities, ensure meticulous execution of preventive measures, invigorate market vitality, enhance the city's vibrant atmosphere and illuminate the "night economy."

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