China - Zhouyuan Scenic Area Is Open to the Public

Wu Jie|ChinaNews|Published:2018-07-22 08:49:50


Aerial View of China - Zhouyuan Scenic Area (Photo provided by Shaanxi Tourism Group)

On July 18th, 2018, the Opening of the 2018 Qishan Zhou Culture and Art Festival & the Opening of the Zhou Cultural Scenic Area, co-sponsored by Shaanxi Tourism Development Committee, Baoji Municipal  Government and Shaanxi Tourism Group, was held in China - Zhouyuan Scenic Area.


Fairyland of Granting Titles to Gods, which is located in China - Zhouyuan Scenic Area (Photo provided by Shaanxi Tourism Group)

It was learned that China - Zhouyuan Scenic Area demonstrates the major initiative of Shaanxi Tourism Group to implement the development layout in the shape of “Chinese Wang” and the integrated development of cultural tourism industry. It is the first key destination of Zhou Culture Demonstration and Experience Tourism in China which is featured by comprehensive, multi-level and interactive experience. With a total area of about 4 square kilometers, it consists of four major parts including Zhou Palace [A1] and Zhougong Lake, etc, forming the overall architecture of a palace, a temple, a mountain, and a lake.


China - Zhouyuan Cableways (Photo provided by Shaanxi Tourism Group)

In recent years, Shaanxi Tourism Group has been continuously practicing the strategy of integrating the development of the cultural tourism industry by tapping the rich culture resources of Shaanxi Province. As a result, it has successfully developed many major cultural tourism industry projects such as Zhuge Ancient Town and White Deer Plain Film & TV Base. The opening of the completed China - Zhouyuan Scenic Area marks the further innovation and improvement of Shaanxi Tourism Group in tapping its featured cultural resources and evolving its exploration of the cultural resources from “static exhibition” to “live inheritance”. So far, the development model integrating “cultural development, theme park and travel to ancient towns in rural areas” has come into being.


Hezun Square in China - Zhouyuan Scenic Area (Photo provided by Shaanxi Tourism Group)


Mingtang Site in China - Zhouyuan Scenic Area (Photo provided by Shaanxi Tourism Group)

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