Daka China 2022: Xiangshawan Lets Inner Mongolia Be Heard by the World

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-07-29 17:27:10

On the afternoon of July 28, Daka China 2022 - Exploring Magnificent Landmarks in Inner Mongolia Online International Communication Event held a series of activities in Xiangshawan Scenic Area in Dalad Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. The participating foreign Internet influencers, in close contact with the vast and mysterious desert, experienced unique ethnic customs there.

The scenic area aims to build an internationally famous comprehensive desert leisure resort, and make it an embodiment of the profound connotation of "human beings and sand" by integrating sightseeing, recreation, adventure and vacationing. It continues to explore new modes of desert leisure vacation and has become a scenic area boasting multiple functions of sightseeing vacation, leisure entertainment, culture, science and education. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful desert scenery, the charm of regional culture and unique desert vacation through various activities in the resort.

Daka China 2022: Xiangshawan Let Inner Mongolia Be Heard by the World_fororder_图片2

Charunpumhiran Apinya, a vlogger, was taking a photo with a camel. [Photo by Yang Yadong]

"The landscape here is just unforgettable and the sand here can 'sing', " said Charunpumhiran Apinya, a vlogger from Thailand. "Here, I have 'heard' a distinctive Inner Mongolia."

Daka China 2022: Xiangshawan Let Inner Mongolia Be Heard by the World_fororder_图片3

A group photo of the foreign Internet influencers in Xiangshawan [Photo by Yang Yadong]

Rachele Longhi, an Italian vlogger, said that the build-up of Xiangshawan Scenic Area has attracted a considerable number of Chinese and foreign tourists, contributing greatly to the local cultural tourism industry and employment. "This operating model also has implications for other countries and regions, proving that desert resources can also be fully utilized," Longhi noted. "I will share everything I saw, heard and felt here with my followers to present to them an amazing and gorgeous Xiangshawan, as well as a true Inner Mongolia in an impartial manner." 

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