Wuhan: Dance with Water and Discover Wonders

|ChinaNews|Published:2022-08-02 11:36:07

The Yangtze River is majestic and Han River is vast. Nowadays, the people of Wuhan, nourished by rivers and lakes, have an indissoluble bond with water.

In the evening of mid-summer, it has become an exclusive summer memory for "Wuhan Ya" (locals in Wuhan) to cool off by relaxing by and swimming in the Yangtze River.

Including the bridge and subway, there are 31 ways for people in Wuhan to cross the river. If you buy a ticket costing CNY 1.5, you can cross the river by ferry, feel the breeze, watch the rise and fall of the Yangtze River, and feel the beautiful changes of Wuhan.

The 33-square-kilometer East Lake (Donghu Lake) contains all the romance and passion of the locals. With its unique water advantages, it has sent batches of water sports athletes to the whole country and the world.

In ancient times, there was the story of soulmates getting to know each other through the music. Today, there are couples making the vow of eternal love. The Moon Lake next to the Guqin Platform is popular among couples as a "romantic marriage registration spot".

Wuhan was born and nourished by the water. Wuhan was built because of the wharf, and its culture has also thrived on the wharf. From "wharf culture" to "cultural wharf", Wuhan has demonstrated the cultural personality of "harmony with uniformity" and "harmonious uniformity", and formed the cultural characteristics of openness, inclusiveness, flexibility and innovation. The bright and competent Wuhan people create the surprise that the city is "different everyday".

Come to dance with the water, feel the spirit of the Great Wuhan, and experience the various urban life of the city.

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