Chengdu Winter-sweet Enters the Best Viewing Period

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-01-11 17:31:47

Recently, Chengdu's "2023 Winter-sweet Viewing Index of Park City" was released.

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Winter-sweet blossoms [Photo via Chengdu Parks and Urban Construction Administration]

Winter-sweet flowers are as yellow as wax and full of fragrance. They are a good ornamental product in winter and are unique precious ornamental flowers and trees in our country. Every winter, in the park districts of Chengdu and the streets and alleys of the city, the winter-sweet blooms proudly, with a tangy fragrance, adding beautiful color to the winter.

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Winter-sweet blossoms [Photo via Chengdu Parks and Urban Construction Administration]

"2023 Winter-sweet Viewing Index of Park City" divides the winter-sweet viewing index into Grade III: Viewing Index Grade I: The flowering rate is between 10% and 35%, which is generally suitable for sightseeing. Viewing index level II: the flowering rate is between 35% and 60%, which is suitable for sightseeing. Viewing Index Grade III: The flowering rate is between 60% and 95%, which is the best period for sightseeing. At present, the flowering status of winter-sweet at various points in Chengdu has entered stage III, and it has fully entered the best viewing period. It is expected that the winter-sweet sightseeing period in 2023 will last until February.

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