Zhejiang Tonglu: The Most Beautiful County Welcomes Its 'Highlight Moments'

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-09-25 09:44:58

Zhejiang Tonglu: The Most Beautiful County Welcomes Its 'Highlight Moments'_fororder_桐庐1

Beautiful scenery of Tonglu County

Recently, propelled by the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou, Tonglu County of Zhejiang Province has comprehensively upgraded the green landscaping and environment both inside and outside of the expressway interchanges. The roads are now clean and glittering, with international signage added and billboards cleaned up. Additionally, new parking lots are established.

The Provincial Highway 208 serves not only a commuting road for citizens, but also a vital passage during the Asian Games for athletes, technical officials, and media journalists traveling between the Tonglu Equestrian Center and the sub-village of Asian Games in Tonglu.

The renovated Provincial Highway 208 uses two-component cold road-marking paint with excellent anti-fouling, self-cleaning and light-resistant properties to provide better visual experience for drivers. Cereal, oil-yielding and cash crops are planted on both roadsides, presenting a picturesque and neat expanse of countryside.

In the city, multiple parks and green spaces are now open for shared enjoyment. 20,000-meter-long traffic guardrails have been removed from 19 primary and secondary arterial roads. All "dead-end roads" have been connected, and street walls on 128 mu (about 8.53 hectares) of idle lands have been demolished, improving both the traffic circumstance and the appearance of the city.

Aligning to the standards of "cleaner, greener, in better order, brighter and prettier", Tonglu County has been focusing on city gateways, transportation hubs, and both sides along the roads to create four model scenic areas, five Asian Games boutique corridors, and seven new major sites for landscape viewing. A batch of landscapes featuring Asian Games have been unveiled one after another, showing the unique style of "China's most beautiful county" to the world. (Text/Photo by Jin Huang Lumin)

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