Zhejiang Tonglu Administrative Service Center Becomes Internationalized

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-11-09 11:29:53

"I'm glad to see you." "Welcome to Tonglu."… On the morning of April 24, each service window of the Zhejiang Tonglu Administrative Service Center (the "Center") was having a daily morning meeting before starting work. Apart from outlining daily tasks, the morning meetings here feature a special activity to make the Center internationalized. 

The Center organizes its staff to learn English every day, with the aim to further optimize services for the public, promote the internationalization of government services and foster a climate of fully supporting, serving and contributing to the Asian Games. It sorts out phrases frequently used in daily English conversations and customizes the English study plan during daily morning meetings, based on its service features such as consultation at service windows, service guidance and handling. The staff learns daily conversations in English, etiquette for serving foreign clients and expressions for guidance and consultation.

"Learning English during the mooring meetings is in line with our Center's reality. We are not shy to speak English, as practice makes perfect. We gain a lot from daily learning," according to Wang Fang, a staff member of the Center's Service Desk for General Affairs.

Currently, in addition to organizing staff to learn English, the Center also holds a full range of activities such as English tests and quizzes on the Asian Games. "We conduct the 'All Learns English to Welcome Asian Games' event to ensure all staff can learn to speak English and to improve their English proficiency, so as to help deliver a successful equestrian event of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 and make Tonglu more internationalized," said Tian Lingxiu, Member of the CPC Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Center. (Text by Wang Shanting, He Xiaohua)

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