2023 Hefei Marathon Kicks off

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-11-21 15:17:43

At 7:30 on November 19, the 2023 Hefei Marathon & National Marathon Championships (Fifth Station) kicked off at Sunac Land, attracting 30,000 participants from all over China. This event consisted four categories: full-marathon race, half-marathon race, fun race, and parent-child race.

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Venue of competition

After intense competition, Dong Guojian won the men's marathon race with a time of 2:10:16, while Yao Miao won the women's marathon race with a time of 2:29:30.

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Dong Guojian sprints towards the finish line.

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Yao Miao is about to cross the finish line.

Wu Xiangdong and Pan Hong won the men's and women's half-marathon races with times of 1:05:12 and 1:15:25 respectively.

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Wu Xiangdong crosses the finish line.

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Pan Hong completes the race.

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Participants are running on the racecourse.

The racecourse for this event passes through several scenic spots, including Binhu Wetland Park, Tangxi River Park, and Luogang Park. Along the way, there are over 20 refueling stations and performance teams, as well as 23 medical stations and 32 ambulances. In addition, the organizing committee recruited 100 experienced medical runners who constantly monitored the running status of their fellow participants. A post-race recovery area was also set up at the finish line with stretching areas, ice packs, and other related recovery services provided by institutions such as Anhui Acupuncture Hospital.

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Medical personnel provide services to the participants.

In terms of race supplies, there are stations offering beverages and drinking water every 2.5 kilometers along the course from the starting point. The organizing committee has provided nearly 160,000 bottles of mineral water and 100,000 bottles of beverages to ensure that participants stay hydrated along the way.

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