State Grid Puyang Power Supply Company Supports Aquaculture Industry Development

|ChinaNews|Published:2024-06-28 16:50:12

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Staff inspectingthe electrical equipment [Photo by Lu Sha]

On June 27, staff from the State Grid Puyang Power Supply Company visited an aquaculture base in Chenzhuang Town, Fan County, Puyang City, Henan Province, to assess electricity usage and inspect electrical equipment such as ice machines, aeration pumps and generators. "We have already inspected the lines inside and outside the base, so you can rest assured." 

In recent years, Fan County has increased its support for the aquaculture industry, with a cumulative investment of nearly 40 million yuan in infrastructure construction for aquaculture bases larger than 100 mu (16.4737 acres). As of now, the total area of aquaculture in Fan County has reached 38,400 mu (6325.8847 acres), with a total aquatic product output of 12,200 tons and a total output value of 150 million yuan. Among them, the area dedicated to specialty aquaculture such as crayfish and South American white shrimp has reached 13,000 mu (2141.5755 acres).

According to the electricity needs of farmers, State Grid Puyang Power Supply Company continues to optimize the operation of the power grid and takes a series of measures to provide capacity expansion services for farmers, thereby improving the quality of electrical energy. In addition, staff have been organized regularly to conduct on-site inspections of farmers' lines and equipment, promote knowledge of safe electricity use and promptly eliminate electrical hazards.

Economic development relies on electricity. State Grid Puyang Power Supply Company will leverage its industry strengths to actively meet the needs of farmers, support industrial revitalization, and provide reliable power guarantees for rural development.

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