2023 World Conference on Display Industry Kicks off in Sichuan Chengdu

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-09-11 10:48:33

On September 7, the 2023 World Conference on Display Industry (WCDI) was held in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

Conference Scene [Photo by WCDI Organizing Committee]

Themed "Displays Everywhere, Innovation Empowers Future World", the WCDI features the opening ceremony, main forum, eight parallel sessions, six corporate events, and a variety of sideline events such as significant industry matchmaking, experience activities, and professional competitions.

More than 100 enterprises from both upstream and downstream of the display industrial chain, as well as authoritative organizations from circles of industry, education, research and application participated in the Innovative Display Product Exhibition, a part of WCDI. The exhibition is designed with five sections: Time-Space Tunnel, Infinite Variety, Technological Innovation, Industrial Ecosystem, and Life Empowered by Innovation. Specifically, the Infinite Variety has created eight scenarios including the Fascinating History, LOHAS Tianfu (or the Land of Abundance), Myriad Lights of the City, Streets and Alleys, Healthy Life, Smart Production, Urban Brain, and Screen Gathering the World, highlighting the role of display technology in empowering Chinese-style modernization.

The WCDI, which has been successfully held for four sessions, has become one of the globally influential platforms crucial to facilitating exchanges and cooperation in the display industry. Meanwhile, it showcases innovative achievements of the display industry and provides an important window to the innovative development of new display industry in China.

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