The 9th AGRO-Chengdu 'Tianfuyuan into Thousands of Homes in Golden Autumn' Kicks Off

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-09-13 15:03:11

Recently, the "Tianfuyuan into Thousands of Homes in Golden Autumn" series of activities hosted by the Organizing Committee of the 9th AGRO-Chengdu officially kicked off in Wenjiang District, Chengdu City.

Through collaboration with key districts/county-level cities/counties and self-recommendation of agricultural brands, the one-month event will showcase and sell over 800 specialty agricultural products from nearly 100 leading enterprises in Chengdu's agricultural field, so as to present Chengdu's modern urban agricultural brands and support the high-quality development of Chengdu's agricultural industry.

It is reported that apart from Wenjiang District, the "Tianfuyuan Golden Autumn Market" will also be held in phases in Chongzhou City, Jintang County and Chengdu municipal government office area. By then, nearly 100 outstanding agricultural brands highly recommended by various districts/county-level cities/counties in Chengdu will select more than 800 distinctive produce, covering dozens of major categories such as high-quality grain and oil, pigs and livestock, specialty liquor, specialty tea, green vegetables, snack foods, specialty fruits, special condiments and read-made meals. Additionally, on-site promotions will be available for citizens.