The Song Taste of Chengdu Released to Welcome the 20th Chengdu International Gourmet Festival

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-10-10 11:05:22

Recently, the exciting 20th Chengdu International Gourmet Festival has kicked off. To celebrate it, Chengdu musicians released a single called the Taste of Chengdu.

The Taste of Chengdu was written by Wang Wei, composed and sung by Chen Muhang, and arranged by Mao Xia. They collaborated on this catchy song for the success of the 20th Chengdu International Gourmet Festival.

According to the lyricist Wang Wei, foods can not only bring material pleasures, but also spiritual experience. Thus, the lyrics of Taste of Chengdu convey some reflections on and insights into common human emotions, inspiring listeners to stay calm when facing challenges or opportunities in life.

"Regarding its melody, the Taste of Chengdu falls into the pop genre. During the composition, I infused my personal emotions into the melody, allowing it to perfectly integrate with the lyrics. This ensemble fully expresses the profound meaning of the lyrics, and makes the song melodious and touching. I sincerely hope that this song can evoke strong emotional resonance among the audience," said the composer, Chen Muhang.

Currently, the Taste of Chengdu has been available on major music platforms.