CMU Professor Cao Liu: Returning to Shenyang Is My First Choice

|ChinaNews|Published:2023-11-28 16:21:30

He has studied and worked overseas for 24 years and published more than 180 academic works in top international journals such as the Nature, Science, Cell and their sub-journals. He once served as a senior researcher at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States and won the NIH Award... In 2011, Cao Liu gave up his position abroad and returned to Shenyang as a professor at China Medical University (CMU).

"Returning to Shenyang is my first choice. I want to bring what I have learned and seen back to this land I love, to China Medical University," Cao Liu said.

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Cao Liu taking a photo on the campus of CMU (Photo by Cao Liu)

Cao Liu obtained a doctorate in medicine from Okayama University in Japan in 1996 and pursued postdoctoral training in Canada from 1996 to 2000. He served as a researcher and senior researcher at the NIH from 2000 to 2011.

In 2011, Cao Liu, as a leading talent in the discipline improvement program of Liaoning Province and the academic leader of the key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, was introduced to work full-time at CMU, where he has successively served as the head of the Institute of Translational Medicine, the Graduate School, and the College of Basic Medical Science.

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Cao Liu (first from right) instructing students in the laboratory (Photo by Zhu Hongmei)

Cao Liu has expressed his dedication to the patient-oriented basic-clinical collaboration innovation research model. "I have done basic medical research for many years, but I have always believed that scientific research cannot be divorced from society, so I will continue to play my part in translating research findings into the clinic, serve the society, and contribute to public health. This is also the highest goal of my life," he said.

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Cao Liu doing experiments (Photo by Zhu Hongmei)

Cao Liu is deeply touched by the tremendous changes that have taken place in Shenyang over the years. "I can clearly feel that Shenyang has transformed from a city dominated by heavy industry into a modern city with distinctive Northeastern cultural characteristics," said Cao Liu. He added that he sometimes goes to the Pu River near the school and walks along the winding path which has a beautiful scenery.

"In fact, the medical industry in Shenyang has also undergone significant changes, with great improvements in both medical conditions and the quality of medical care." Cao Liu hopes that more and more overseas Chinese students will return to Shenyang to contribute to the city's medical research.

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Cao Liu conducting an experimental demonstration for students (Photo by Zhu Hongmei)


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