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Luoyang takes steps to build more museums

|ChinaNews|2018-12-26 13:58:09

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The Conference of Cultural Relic Protection of Henan province recently held in Luoyang has unveiled plans to build new museums in Luoyang.

As one of the ancient capital cities of China, Luoyang is promoting its museum tourism which features mainly in Luo River civilization. The local tourism development plan details information of newly-built tourist attractions. The construction of the main building of the Contractual Documents Museum of Luoyang has been completed. It will open to the public in October 2018.

Plus, preparations are underway to build other new museums. Mengjin, Ruyang and Yichuan counties will also build their own local museums. A series of museums for journalism, peony flowers, nature and stamps are also on the list for tourism investment.

Moreover, the relic of Jiuzhouchi in Sui and Tang Dynasties' Luoyang City National Park is being renovated now and will be open to visitors soon. The preliminary measures to protect ancient streets and relics in the national park have started.

Also, archeologists are excavating the ruins of the royal city of the Eastern Zhou dynasty, royal tombs in Mang Mountain, and the relics of Yiyang city, which was the capital of the ancient Han Kingdom. In the coming future, these destinations will become attractive sites for visitors.

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