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Luoyang Weipo Ancient Village

|ChinaNews|2019-03-18 11:30:38

The Qing dynasry village, Weipo(also known as Weijiapo) has recently been lovingly restored. With its flag stone streets of gray-brick folk houses and semi-arch doorways this window into the Qing dynasty is arguably Western Henan's best preserved ancient village.

 One of the most charming family residences is a typical example of a Yaodong home, which is a sunken courtyard house common on the Loess Plateau. The residence is either dug into the sides of cliffs, or else straight into the ground. The rooms extend off the below-ground central courtyard, which insulates the house to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.

The descendants of Wei Tianlu from the early Qing dynasty founded Weipo Village and through several generations became prosperous and ascended to important imperial positions. Weipo Village has 16 stately family residences and over 300 houses that extend along a 180m pedestrian street from the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1735-1796) which features ornate carvings, wooden doorways and folk art.

Weipo Village has ancestral temples and picturesque landmarks such as an ornamental pagoda tree, a newly constructed pagoda and a commanding gatehouse.

On the verge of being commercialised, going by the evidence of bric-a-brac shops,coffee houses,restaurants and hotels, nonetheless Weipo remains a living ancient village with an annual peony festival and markets.



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