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Two-day trip to Laojunshan Mountain in Luoyang

|ChinaNews|2018-12-26 17:26:38

Two-day trip to Laojunshan Mountain in Luoyang

The first day: in the morning, visit Laojunshan Mountain, the highest in Funiu Mountain range and the location where the ancient sage Laozi used to live in seclusion (about 3 hours' drive). After a tour of Laozi Cultural Park, take the most advanced and fastest cable car in the world up to the mountain, arrive at Nantianmen via Hanzhongling Ropeway, visit Linggong Hall and get off at Saving Hall to walk through Sheshen Cliff. Hike in Laojunshan Mounatin to visit Laojun Temple, Stone Forest and Mazongling. Enjoy the scenery at the top of the main peak of Funiu Mountain (for about 4 hours). Finally take the cable car down the mountain and go back to a farmer's hotel for rest after dinner.The second day: after breakfast, go to Zhuimeng Valley to appreciate waterfalls and idyllic scenery, such as Zuochan Stone, Taizi Cave, Xiuxing Cave, Mozhen Stone, Small Nantianmen and Tuotai Cliff. Make your own lunch arrangements, gather together at 2:00 pm and return to Luoyang at 7:00 pm.

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