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A Bite of Luoyang: Luanchuan Tofu

|ChinaNews|2018-12-26 20:09:47

A Bite of Luoyang: Luanchuan Tofu

Luanchuan Tofu, a local snack found in Luanchuan County in the city of Luoyang in Henan province, has attracted the interest of a number of tourists from all over China.

Located in the southwestern part of Luoyang city, Luanchuan is known for its great scenery. The area is surrounded by mountains and springs.

Local people improve the taste of tofu by using spring water. This is because the spring water is filled with trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to the human body.

The Tofu making machine or the stone mill, is also made from another local specialty: waterstones. This stone mill can keep a low-temperature working environment when it grinds soybeans into soya milk ensuring that that the nutrition value of the beans aren't diminished.

A liquid which curdles the soymilk is sourced locally as well.

In addition to this, Luanchuan natives use natural vegetable juice to make the tofu more colorful. This kind of tofu preserves the fibers in the vegetables and is rich in nutrients. It makes it easier to digest.

With the development of science and technology, Luanchuan Tofu now has a longer shelf life. More and more people all over the country can now taste the famous snack.

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