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In-depth Two-day trip to Luoyang

|ChinaNews|2019-01-04 17:40:16

Day One: Luoyang Longmen Grottoes 9-Scrolls of Kungfu Revelations Unique Hotel

Take a 30-minute bus ride to visit World Cultural Heritage Longmen Grottoes (for 3 hours), which have gone through 450 years of carving, from Northern Wei Dynasty to Tang Dynasty, Northern Song Dynasty and have existed for thousands of years. On display are 2464 caves and more than 110 thousand Buddha Statues, divided into the east and west mountains. The west mountain constitutes the bulk of imperial artistic Buddha caves, putting in full display the Qianxi Temple with a stream hidden in the cave in the early Tang Dynasty. Also on display are the Binyang Three Caves built through 24 years of carving in Northern Wei Dynasty, semi-finished Moya Three Buddhist Shrines due to some political reasons, Wanfo Cave (Ten-Thousand-Buddha Cave ) that has the smallest Buddhist statues in Longmen Grottoes, the most beautiful and biggest work of art in Longmen Grottoes: Lotus Cave and the poster child of Longmen Grottoes Lushena (Roshana or Vairocana Buddha) in Fengxiansi Cave. Take a 45-minute bus ride to Luoyang Meditation Theatre to watch a 90-minute Buddhist stage production called 9-Scrolls of Kungfu Revelations. It tells the story of the nine virtues of man's spiritual struggle: Purity, Sutra, Diligence, Spirit, Listening, Shape, Devotion, Serenity and Paradise. The audience is able to enjoy a mixture of western montage, Broadway musicals, classical ballet, French modern dance and Indian yoga.

Day Two: Wangcheng Park/ Lavender Manor Luoyang New District Museum Return Trip

After breakfast, take a bus ride for 25 minutes to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty Relics Park that integrates leisure, entertainment, animals and plants into a comprehensive park Wangcheng Park. It displays the culture of the Hetu and Luoshu, the cradle of Heluo civilization. Visitors will have a feel for the imperial Luoyang city with a 3300-year history, the peony pool with hundreds of mu, Jianhe River, the stimulating entertainment shows projects, the adorable animals and the idyllic life in the city. The tour time is about 1.5 hours. Then visitor will arrive in Provence at the foot of Longmen Mountain Lavender Manor, Themed House, Emily's Mushroom House, Alice's Piano-themed Restaurant, Dude Windmill, Music Island among flowers, Love Clock Gate, Xunyidie Lake, etc. (for 2 hours). After lunch, pay a visit to Luoyang New District Museum (for about 2 hours). Finally gather together and return.

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