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Two-day Trip to Luoyang (Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple, Peony Garden and Shaolin Temple)

|ChinaNews|2018-12-26 17:38:39

Day One: Ride to Longmen scenic spot (for half an hour) to visit the world's largest imperial stone carving art--Longmen Grottoes (for 3 hours) including Fengxian Temple, Moyashan Buddhist Cave, Guyang Cave, etc. In the afternoon, visit one of the biggest host places for Luoyang peonies--Shenzhou Peony Garden, in which there are the Peony Culture Area, High-tech Peony Display Area, etc. After appreciating the peonies, visit the White Horse Temple, the first temple built by the imperial authorities after the introduction of Buddhism to China, and check into a hotel.

Day Two: Ride to Dengfeng Songshan Shaolin Temple in the morning (for about 1.5 hours). The tour time for Buddhist culture and superb Kung Fu will last for about 2 hours. Then go to the existing largest ancient pagoda group -- Forest of Stupas burying Buddhist relics (for 30 minutes) to appreciate Shaolin Kung Fu performance (for 30 minutes). In the afternoon, return to Luoyang.

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