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Luoyang to Launch Three-Year Action Plan

|ChinaNews|2023-09-28 16:36:43

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According to the Urban Management Committee Office of Luoyang, the Luoyang Central Urban Area Three-Year Action Plan for the Construction of "A City of Flower in Northern China" (hereinafter referred to the plan) was recently issued. The plan aims to create a unique landscape within three years, where "flowers are everywhere; every month brings blossoms; the city is surrounded by flowers, and people are living in a painting-like atmosphere". This plan intends to transform Luoyang into a distinctive, charming city of garden, of ecology, and of the flower industry in the northern region of China.

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According to the plan, by the end of 2023, Luoyang will build 21 "Flower Roads" spanning 40 kilometers, 148 "Flower Walls" covering 33 kilometers, 30 "Flower-themed Decorations" across 24,000 square meters of road areas, 29 "Flower Corridors" spanning 2,200 meters, and 21 "Flower Seas" in parks covering 160,000 square meters in the central urban area. Various forms of street-based flower markets, including centralized wholesale markets, scenario-featured retail markets, and boutique flower retail blocks, will be established to bring initial results to the construction of "A City of Flower in Northern China".

(Source: Official WeChat Account of Luoyang Tourism)

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