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Popular Museums in Luoyang to Remain Open During Spring Festival Holiday

|洛阳网|2024-02-04 16:11:34

During Spring Festival holiday, most of the museums in Luoyang City will be open normally, and an array of colorful cultural activities have been launched, inviting everyone to celebrate the Chinese New Year in the museums.

The eight days from Feb 10 to Feb 17 mark the Spring Festival holiday, of which February 12 is a Monday. On the day, a number of museums in Luoyang City will cancel the "Closed on Mondays", making the museums available for everyone in the holiday to visit and feel the charm of traditional culture.

At present, except for some popular museums, most of the museums in Luoyang no longer requires individual reservations for admission, at which visitors only need to show their valid identity documents to enter the museum and pay a visit.

The popular museums in Luoyang City that still retain the individual reservation for admission are listed as below: Erlitou Site Museum of the Xia Capital, Luoyang Museum, the Luoyang Museum of Ancient Tombs, the Commemorithion of the Office of the Eight Route Army of Luoyang, The Museum of Luoyang Eastern Zhou Royal Horse and Chariot Pits, and Museum of the Sui-Tang Dynasties Grand Canal.

On Janurary 27, "Tracing the Chinese Dragon: A Special Exhibition of Loong-themed Relics Excavated in Luoyang" opened at the Luoyang Museum. At the exhibition site, dozens of relics featuring "Loong-related elements" from Luoyang Museum, Longmen Grottoes and Yanshi Museum were displayed, narrating the inheritance and development of the thousand-year-old Loong-based culture in the Luoyang region, attracting many visitors.

During the Spring Festival holiday, Erlitou Site Museum of the Xia Capital will launch the "Discover Loong-featured Fun Art Exhibition",through various artistic expressions of "Loong-based totem" in contemporary world starting from the historical origins of Loong. There will also be a variety of interactive games to provide immersive experiences for visitors.

Luoyang Folk Museum will launch the 2024 Chinese New Year Hundred Loongs Exhibition titled "Auspicious Loong Celebrating the Chinese New Year: Hundred People Paper-Cutting Hundred Loongs" and "Loong in China: Chinese zodiac cultural relics exhibition in the Year of Loong". Themed around the connotation of Loong culture, the exhibitions will showcase people's aspirations for a better life.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the Luoyang Museum of Ancient Tombs will launch special immersive experience projects such as "Buildings Standing in the Misty Rain", "Seeking Loongs in the Tombs". Adopting the mode of "live + immersive plots + interactive games", the projects embark on a different museum journey for visitors.

On February 6, in the Erlitou Site Museum of the Xia Capital, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage item Guxun, a kind of ancient wind instrument, will present a new year Guxun concert, taking visitors to travel back through time and space to appreciate the charm of music.

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