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First Largest Austrian Inbound Tourist Group Visits Luoyang after Visa Exemption

|ChinaNews|2024-04-12 15:53:19

In the early spring when peonies bloom, Luoyang welcomed its first largest Austrian inbound tourist group of 70 people after visa exemption.

On the afternoon of April 9, a warm welcome ceremony was held by the Luoyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television And Tourism at Longmen High-Speed Rail Station. Li Zhaobin, Deputy Director of Luoyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television And Tourism presented peonies to Veronica Schmidt, the conductor of the Austrian orchestra, as a gesture of welcome. Native beauties dressed in Hanfu (traditional clothing of the Han ethnic group) presented each member of the group with a special gift, a peony full-flower tea, welcoming the guests from afar with the blooming peony in their cups, which was greatly appreciated by the group.

It is reported that this group is the first largest tourist group to enter China since China implemented visa exemption policy for Austria on March 14. During their tour in Luoyang, the group will visit the Longmen Grottoes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Sui and Tang Dynasties Luoyang City National Heritage Park. They will experience the charm of the Luoyi Ancient City, taste the characteristic Luoyang Water Banquet, and feel the prosperity of the ancient capital Luoyang during the flourishing Tang Dynasty.

The choir members take a photo at the high-speed railway station. 

[Photo via Luoyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television And Tourism]

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