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Luoyang peony wins a national prize

|ChinaNews|2018-12-26 20:08:58

Luoyang peony wins a national prize

Several new varieties of the peony flower grown in China's city of Luoyang have been endowed with the "Ten New Excellent Native Varieties of Tree Promotion Award" at the same time being named as one of the new native flower varieties in the country.

During the award ceremony, Huo Zhipeng, a peony expert from the International Peony Garden in Luoyang said, this variety of the flower is only intrinsic to particular areas in the country and the foreign variety introduced here has so far adapted to local conditions in the area.

Since the flower varieties were named as one of the best flower assortments in the country, they therefore are bound to be popular especially because Luoyang city is a suitable area for the Peony plantation, hence further boosting the popularity of the flower from that region.

Luoyang peonies can be divided into two types: those native to the city and those whose varieties were introduced to Luoyang from Japan, the United States, and France among other countries. Huo Zhipeng says that these peonies are a good representation of some of the best flowers because they are resistant to disease, cold and drought.

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